We aim to secure a facilitating, implementing, inspiring and consultative position in the fields of technology and innovation 


by developing models and programs that meet the needs of our corporate agenda.



Program Activities

TTGV conducts its interactions with external stakeholders through program models that serve as standard interfaces, and that are developed to address the current needs of stakeholders, on four main strategic axes. Each axis represents the organizational capacity and intellectual capital development goals of TTGV, while the program models developed and implemented under the axes make use of the organizational capacity of TTGV.

The current programs ensure TTGV's versatile communication and interaction with its external stakeholders through different thematic interfaces, processes, tools and expert networks with its own brand on the axis on which TTGV is positioned, in line with its objectives. The ability of the models to address needs are evaluated through regular assessments of the program axes, and each program has its own specific corrective activities in line with its needs.

As a part of the ecosystem; TTGV programs which learn by doing and are flexible and impact-and-value-oriented, focus on the development and execution of new models that prioritize diversity and interaction in order to overcome the constraints of knowledge-and-experience sharing that may be caused by the structural asymmetries in the ecosystem. Our programs meet the ecosystem as a result of TTGV's three decades of accumulated experience in program development and execution.

Technology-Focused Community Programs: Ideaport

Ideaport is a TTGV program that is designed to increase the adaptation of the private sector to developing technologies, and in which technology professionals with varying levels of expertise come together around current technology agendas.

Ideaport, Turkey’s first technology-oriented information community, provides suitable platforms where qualified people in Turkey with intellectual knowledge can share their fresh ideas and valuable experiences.

The Ideaport program features a community structure that learns and creates together.

The Ideaport Community examines the determined technology agenda every year under various subheadings on the axes of Sustainability, Productivity & Performance and Digitalization. Ideaport Workshops and Working Groups facilitate discussions of the current use of advanced technologies in Turkey and future emerging opportunities, and produce due diligence and insight outputs. In Ideaport Connect Webinar and Panel events, the latest developments on the Ideaport technology agenda are covered, with different examples presented from Turkey and around the world.

To increase awareness of developments in the field of technology in Turkey, valuable synthesized information related to the information community is further enriched and shared with the technology & innovation ecosystem of Turkey in an easy-to-understand and high-quality form, including Technology Reports, Sectoral Analyses, Infographics and Doodles.


Ideaport continues to support its main agenda of the Future of Production with "New Materials & Emerging Technologies in the Future of Production" in 2021. The “New Materials” topic, which was raised in 2020, continues with new material types, while on the other side, the effects of Emerging Technologies on the Future of Production and emerging areas are discussed. You can review the work under the agenda topic and obtain detailed information from the Ideaport website (

Innovation-Oriented Community Programs: Xnovate

Xnovate is a TTGV program that aims to support innovation processes that can create competitive power by disseminating best practices, and developing human resources. 

It provides platforms and tools for the discussion and implementation of new ideas and methods, operating under the slogan “creating together” within a community that learns and improves together, aimed at those who innovate in organizations of various sizes.

In the field of technology and innovation, the Xnovate Program provides individuals with new, unexplored methods and process designs, along with tools that can catalyze the development and dissemination of organizational methods, and practices that can shed light on revolutionary changes in industrial innovation. At the center of the program are innovation-oriented communities of practice.

The Xnovate program, which has been founded based on these values, operates on two main branches. The first seeks to expand the network of communities of practice, as the pioneers of change, and to increase inter-community interaction, providing the necessary platforms and settings for “working together”; and the second develops innovative ideas, methods and methodologies together with volunteers in the network whoconsider progress in technology and innovation their credo.

The Xnovate program has 4 sub-brands: two community structures (Xnovate Circle, Xnovate Fellows) and two sharing platforms (Xnovate LAB, Xnovate Havadis), ensuring that innovation issues can be handled in an efficient and interactive manner. You can find detailed information about the program on the website (


Hünkar Bulunmazer
Setenay Akdeniz
Buse Hıdıroğlu

Private Enterprise-Oriented Development Programs: HIT

HIT is a thematic development program that focuses on accelerating the first customer/first sales processes of technology-based early-stage ventures, and is based on TTGV’s own "Venture Development Model".

In the chosen thematic area, needs are identified and roadmaps are determined for the ventures to ensure the concentration of market expertise as projected by the development process in the program.

Expansions into other impact oriented thematic areas (agriculture-food/education/environment) are envisaged in the HIT program, in which health is determined as the first vertical.

In the process of accepting ventures to the program, the following are considered:

  •  The uniqueness of the product/technology, the depth of the underlying knowledge, competitive aspects,
  •  Market demand for the product, need, market size and trend,
  •  The suitability of the team for directing and improvement,
  •  The tangibility of the venture needs that can be improved upon with the program (check-up),
  •  The potential for the development of suitable solutions within TTGV’s means (prescription),
  •  The manageability of the identified risks with the right investor (investment).

You can find detailed information on the Hit program website (


İrem Yıldırım
Burak Baykal
Kaan Atalay

Technology Programs for Widespread Impact: Ideanest

For ideas that generate value in areas where technology overlaps with social benefits, but has a hard time finding financing, Ideanest is a TTGV program that aims to raise funds through donation-based crowdfunding for technology-based early-stage product/service ideas, activities that will support the development of the technology and innovation ecosystem, and academic research projects on scientific subjects.

Ideanest is designed as an original implementation of a donation-based crowdfunding concept that supports new ideas. Beyond just providing financing, Ideanest aims to facilitate access to other resources (information, networks, consultation, support in kind, etc.) that project owners need in the ecosystem to be established. Accordingly, in addition to identifying individual and institutional donors, Ideanest also works to attract solution partners to the platform, and supports project owners in financing and in other areas.

To date, funding for 10 projects has been sought through the Ideanest platform, and nine projects have been successfully funded. Visit the website ( to learn more about the non-profit Ideanest platform, which supports the creation of success stories by providing visibility to projects.


Süleyman Bağırgan

Yaygın Etki için Teknoloji Programları: PactPort

Pactport, TTGV’nin “Toplum için Teknoloji” perspektifini uygulamaya aldığı, toplum olarak karşı karşıya kaldığımız problem alanlarına ve teknolojinin bu alanlarda sunabileceği çözüm fırsatlarına dikkat çekmeyi, özellikle genç fikirlerin ve algının güçlendirilmesini ve çözümlerin gerçekleşmesine katkı sağlamayı amaçlayan bir TTGV programıdır. 

Bu doğrultuda faaliyet gösteren ve toplum menfaati için yaygın etki yaratmak isteyen ekosistem paydaşlarını harekete geçirecek ve birlikte üretmelerine imkan sağlayacak bir “mutabakat kapısı” olmayı hedefler.

Pactport, geleneksel bağışçılık ve vakıfçılık yaklaşımlarının yenilikçi, verimli ve profesyonel filantropi modellerine evrilmesi sürecinde öğrenen, öğrendiğini uygulayan, uyguladığını paylaşan bir bilgi kaynağı olmayı hedefler.

Pactport programı; karmaşık problemlerin teknoloji yolu ile çözülebileceği iddiası ve inancı ile etki yaratma motivasyonuna sahip tarafların perspektiflerini ve pratiklerini ele alarak, karmaşık problemlerden yaygın etkiye giden yolda teknoloji bazlı aksiyonları ‘Yaygın Etki İçin Teknololoji’ mottosuna uygun olarak gündemine taşır. Oluşturduğu gündemler ile, dünyadaki iyi uygulama örneklerini yaygın etki ekosisteminin dikkatine sunar, Türk filantropi ekosisteminde kaynak tahsisi, çözüm, etki ölçümü gibi alanlarda yenilikçi model ve yapılar geliştirilmesine aracı olmayı amaçlar.

Technology Programs for Widespread Impact: Make Tomorrow for Turkey

Make Tomorrow for Turkey is a digital transformation education program for our students – as the future workforce and the future of our country – and the teachers who educate those who will create a “Technology Developing Turkey”.

The program aims to provide equal opportunities while supporting skills development, and facilitates the adaptation to digital transformation with focus on future professions.

Within the program, online beginner lessons are provided in areas such as electronics, programming, design and project management, with a “People-Oriented Design” approach – one of the most important mindsets when designing for the future – with trainings aimed at capacity building.  Through Arduino, Raspberry Pi and sensor kits which are offered free of charge, we help teachers and students come up with creative solutions to social issues using technology.

The program, with the heading 'Make Tomorrow for Turkey', has been selected as one of Europe's leading innovative teaching practices in Scientix's 'STEM Education Practices' December 2018 report. You can find detailed information about the Make Tomorrow program, which has since 2016 been joined by more than 1000 teachers and 7000 students, and has set the stage for more than 700 technical projects in 25 different cities, at the program website ( /).


Evren Bükülmez
Işgın Vural
İrem Gürses
Halis Güven

Explore Investment Program

The Explore Investment Program is an equity investment program that focuses on accelerating the entry into international markets of companies with technological products in a prioritized area, and a corresponding sales track record. 

The Explore Program is run by Teknoloji Yatırım, on behalf of TTGV, based on a model that aims to satisfy the strategic guidance and financing needs related to internationalization processes together.


For detailed information about the program:


Nagihan Özgür
Süleyman Bağırgan

YETEP Program

TTGV provides loans for implementation projects realized by industrial organizations in areas that include climate friendly technologies, clean production technologies, energy efficiency and renewable energy, through Green Technology Projects (YETEP) support.

For information and questions:


Green Technology Projects offers three different forms of support: "Climate Friendly Technologies Support", "Cleaner Production Technologies Support" and "Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Other Energy Technologies Support". The main objective of Climate Friendly Technologies Support is to reduce the use and emission of gases with high global warming potential (GWP), such as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) – especially those used in the refrigeration sector – by supporting projects that implement indigenous and innovative technologies that make use of climate-friendly, energy-efficient, reliable and proven alternatives.

The main purpose of the Cleaner Production Technologies Support is to support projects in the development, realization and commercialization of clean production technologies, implementations applicable to industry with economic value, and technological innovations aimed at minimal energy, water and raw resource usage and waste formation, within the framework of a resource efficiency (eco-efficiency/clean production/sustainable production) understanding.


A. Mine Küçükkiremitçi

TTGV Co-Investment Program

TTGV runs an early-stage co-investment program to encourage professional investments in startups in the graduate portfolio of its thematic development programs, and participates in early-stage investments that meet the program criteria.

The TTGV Co-Investment Program is still operated by Teknoloji Yatırım A.Ş. under the TTGV1 Fund brand. If you have any questions about the program, contact us at e-mail address.