We create value through our programs and ecosystem activities in support of the Technology Developing Turkey vision.

About Us

We are a foundation that works to bring technology to the real world by supporting the technology development and innovation activities of the private sector in our country.


«Technology productive Turkey» In the light of our vision, following the global developments in the fields of technology and innovation, inspiring, providing vision, developing by learning together and implementing; We create value as an impartial, agile trust platform that shares its dynamic intellectual capital with the aim of gaining widespread impact on society.

We define and determine the need as an implementing institution by listening, hearing, seeing, inspiring and learning our ecosystem. We create information, collect or produce information that will be innovative, original, widespread and applied to the needs, including different perspectives with a visionary perspective. In order to transfer and share this knowledge to our ecosystem, we design new, constantly learning and changing original models, test them with pilot applications, develop them and implement them.

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Communities of Practice

“By bringing together information communities, we aim to create value, to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge, and put in motion communities of practice and the sharing of knowledge."

Best Practice Interfaces

“In our ecosystem, we work to develop lasting and sustainable cooperation and relationships, to raise awareness, to create inspiration, to identify common problems and needs, and to ensure that we are looking for solutions as a whole. We aim to think together, to work together and to enrich ourselves based on mutual interest. "

Young Technology Leaders

“Among our primary goals is to provide young professionals with the platform and visibility they need to develop their careers. We also support the rapidly developing and changing community of young technology and innovation leaders through the TTGV Awards.”


TTGV Board of Directors

Cengiz Ultav
Chairman Of The Board-VESTEL Ventures Member of the Board of Directors
Özgür Volkan Ağar
Director - General of Export Republic of Turkey The Ministry of Trade
Fuat Akçayöz
Member of the Board of Directors
Füsun Atik Boyar
Head of the Department of R&D and Innovation General Directorate of Sectors and Public Investments Presidency of Republic of Turkey The Directorate of Strategy and Budgeting
Ahu Büyükkuşoğlu Serter
Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi - Fark Holding Yönetim Kurulu Başkanı
Suat Baysan
Member of the Board of Directors -Chairman of the Executive Board of ACMENA
E. Göktekin Dinçerler
Member of the Board of Directors - Turkven Private Equity Director
Ufuk Güçlü
Member of the Board of Directors
Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal
Member of the Board of Directors - Chairman TÜBİTAK
Dr. Aybike Molbay
Managing Director - GE Aviation Turkey Technology Center
Levent Mete Özgürbüz
Member of the Board of Directors - Founder of BMT Group
Değerhan Usluel
Member of the Board of Directors - Chairman of the Executive Board of Usluel Group
Dr. Recep Kılınç
Member of the Board of Directors - KOSGEB Vice President
Yusuf Rıza Uzunpostalcı
Member of the Board of Directors - General of Economic Research Republic of Turkey The Ministry of Treasury and Finance
Güngör Yıldızbayrak
Chairman of the Executive Board - Novaltek

Supervisory Board Members

Av. Dr. Dilaver Nişancı
Tuba Yavaş

Founders’ Committee

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Chambers, Associations, Foundations
Private Sector